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Post by Shrade on Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:11 pm

Some saw what the world had become, an endless cycle of the same actions constantly repeated, they saw what the angels were and saw how the demons acted as well. Although these few saw the rise and fall of kingdoms after kingdoms no longer would they sit along the sidelines being an endless spectator, the beings that would stir the cycle and end it were none other than a being that the angels hunted long long ago. The Drakonia, winged dragons of various forms hunted and chased up the mountains far too high for an angel to really bother with, they were hunted hoping to be used for their wings as well as immortality something that the Drakonia seemed to have. What was found instead was something else, a crystallized soul the soul that the Drakonia wanted to protect more than anything but they had failed as the angels managed to not only destroy it but crushed it so nothing could be salvaged. With their immortality shattered the Drakonia plotted and spent their centuries breeding and forming an army to take down those that ruined their blissful cycle. To them the cycle of angels and demons is nothing more than just something for them to break.

When one being stirs so shall another these ones though have not as much of a legacy but a strong one indeed, an elven council hidden deep away. A council that have worked towards peace has finally broken, or more of torn apart, not many know who did it or how it happened but it was a surprise to all elven beings as the day happened when the council broke all apart. Some followed their clan leader others went their own way and some took a destructive path against their very own. Most elves went to another race for assistance, whose alliances were formed with who few know for the elves have split and tried to find their own path but what could occur from a new race entering the fray of a constant cycle, could it be the cycle will end or will the cycle speed up to the destruction of all.

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