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Lloyde's Day into the library #1

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Lloyde's Day into the library #1

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:35 am

Lloyde sauntered over towards the Library, on the new of it recently opening from Dusk till dawn. As he clutched onto his belongings from out of his traveling sack he began to walk up the steps of the library looking sharper than usual to submit his findings.
Lloyde entered the doors of the Grand Library and appeared at the front desk pulling out 3 books along with a small stash.  

A man popped out from underneath the front desk and proceeded with greetings ~ "Hello, how may I help you fellow scholar ?"

Lloyde answered with opening the stash full of silver coins ~   "This is for my own collection of books. To copy these books, one for your archives. One for public display, and the original are with me at my study. You are to forbid these books under my name, Lloyde J. Sansus, to anyone other then Humans"   ~ he handed over the stash and spread out the 3 books he had brought this day.

~The man simply bowed his head towards the young scholar and assigned him his own bookshelf capable of containing a mere 20 books. "Upon your next visit, your name will be plated onto the shelf in the Humans Only section." ~with that being said the man departed to attend other customers.
(Each book is a new post in this topic. Submitted once a week, as many as possible.)

Lloyde set down his books on his shelf and made his way home to his study.
Kurei Natsumori
Kurei Natsumori

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Re: Lloyde's Day into the library #1

Post by Kurei Natsumori on Thu Jul 03, 2014 10:17 am

First Book: Enochian, Language of the Angels I:
Letters and Grammar translations into the common tongue. (Once Read you can translate simple Angel Books)

2nd Book: Character Log - Zinres :
(Preemptive information you can use for your character against Zinres.
http://innerheart.forumotion.com/t29-zinres-powers-not-quite-done-yet )
Quote in book : "She's a experienced Demon aging several hundred years old, 435 to be exact. Has enslaved men by her side. Be wary around her and attempt to stop her dice and cards when they're released. No attacks from the rear are effective. She's helped us learn what Vampires are weak against, Silver and Holy Items as seen from years in her past and all vampires avoiding them.

3rd Book: The Void I : Quotes from Kinji, the Hybrid, a known Void-User
("well it started before the beginning of time because well it was always there.when the 2nd dimension came into existence, creatures of the void became jealous and found a way to get to the 2nd dimension.if you haven't found the way it's the portals.when the creatures came people feared them because they were different.well that and they killed towns by the dozens.but then there were people who found ways to close these portals.I dont know how but they did.after that,people wondered why the voidlings kept coming out well it was there own people. priests and or priestesses, the wonderful lot found ways to create their own portals so they could summon us because in their eyes we were gods."
well after the people started spawning in voidlings the people thought of traveling into the void and lets just say alot of people either mutated loosing their minds in the endless void or die from the toxins. Well when we bring the void into the world we use our so to speak life but this life is regenerative. If we run out we have two options 1)we eat a substance that regenerates our "life" depending on what species.2)we run out of "life'' and we go into a somewhat coma.it's some crazy stuff i know. Well it's sorta genetic but you could run the risk of having the void's presence inserted into you. Alot of people die because they wanted void powers. It takes years. But since i cant't die of old age like humans I have all the time in the world. " )
Excerpt of a conversation held with Kinji, written down his sayings about the Void.

Kurei Natsumori
Kurei Natsumori

Posts : 190
Join date : 2014-06-05
Age : 22
Location : . . .under your bed. . .

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