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Divine Magic of Leon Asmiel

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Divine Magic of Leon Asmiel

Post by Leon Asmiel on Thu May 15, 2014 10:36 pm

Name of Power: Wings of Starlight
Image of what it does: Leon's wings are not physical, they are made of light and holy energy, they are cold and immaterial
Strengths: These wings increase Leon's speed and grant him the power of flight
weaknesses: The wings are incapable of actually blocking wind or providing heat like physical wings

Name of Power: Banishing
Image of what it does: By reciting a rhyme or poem, Leon may banish evil from his presence and prevent their magical return for a period of time
Strengths: This allows Leon to remove dangerous warriors from his presence without harming them
weaknesses: The stronger the foe, the more verses required to banish the enemy from his prescence. A weak foe can be banished with a two line verse, and the higher powered demons require eight or more verses, each line takes time to speak and can't be interrupted. If interrupted the Banish is lost

Name of Power: Guardianship
Image of what it does: Leon is surrounded by a constant aura of holy protection, deflecting evil attacks. Leon can grant a lesser aura to those he wishes to protect, allowing him to track and defend his allies
Strengths: The Aura increases defense against evil attack
weaknesses: The Aura is not effective against angels or neutral entities, only against evil.

Name of Power: Holy-Fire manipulation
Image of what it does: Leon can summon and create weapons out of the fires of heavens as well as create and manipulate holy fire as a pyromancer
Strengths: Leon's weapons can take any shape, and can damage unholy beings with ease.
weaknesses: These weapons cannot be used lightly, each is a deadly weapon and should never be used for any reason except in a life or death situation.

Name of Power: Light Manipulation
Image of what it does: Leon can summon and manipulate light at will
Strengths: Leon may teleport by exploding into orbs of light and reforming somewhere else. He can also create and attack with orbs and flashes of light
weaknesses: The attacks made of light only can deal minor damage at best.

Name of Power: Healing
Image of what it does: Leon can heal others by holding his hand over their wounds
Strengths: He can heal even life threatening wounds quickly
weaknesses: He cannot heal the dead

Name of Power: Life Sense
Image of what it does: Leon can sense the life force of those near him, their pain, their emotion
Strengths: Leon cannot be surprised, and knows how to react in nearly any situation
weaknesses: Leon cannot sense the dead, or the soulless, (Demon and Vampires)

Name of Power: Combat Empowerment
Image of what it does: When fighting, Leon gains increased strength and speed, as well as increased defense.
Strengths: Leon when fighting and using this power, he gains immense strength, speed, and constitution.
weaknesses: Leon can only use this against evil, not against good

Name of Power: Astral Form
Image of what it does: Leon can step to the astral plane to interact with souls and spirits, and is always able to see them
Strengths: It is one of Leon's duties to guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife
weaknesses: Leon is susceptible to attacks from the Astral plane.

Name of Power: Holy Armor
Image of what it does: Leon can manifest the heavenly armor that is in his picture
Strengths: This Armor is weightless and very strong, capable of warding off most attacks, and covering his face
weaknesses: Leon's armor retains its damage, and must be manually repaired, it is simply stored in heaven when not in use.

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Leon Asmiel
Leon Asmiel

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Re: Divine Magic of Leon Asmiel

Post by Alyss on Thu May 15, 2014 10:42 pm

Guardianship may need to be changed to 'increases defense against evil attack' otherwise it is too OP. Weather manipulation should probably just be chunked altogether. The Combat Enpowerment should be fixed, since it is unfair to just say he becomes 'one of the more powerful creatures'. It's just small details that can be interpreted into unfair OP-ness.


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Re: Divine Magic of Leon Asmiel

Post by Zinres on Tue Jun 03, 2014 7:06 pm

Name of Power: Holy-Fire manipulation- Please state the number of weapons that can be created
Name of Power: Light Manipulation-Please state the number of ords that san be created for attacks
Name of Power: Healing-being able to heal other is fine but saying you can heal life threatening wounds very quickly is not please nerf this
Name of Power: Life Sense- This is almost built in godmod being able to react to everything perfectly and never being able to be surprised please nerf this.
Name of Power: Holy Armor- Armor is armor and it will be treated as such saying it can ward off most attacks it vauge please reword it if you can.


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Re: Divine Magic of Leon Asmiel

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