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Preview for and update

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Preview for and update

Post by Ember on Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:32 pm

A normal day out in the large plains of Innerheart, there was a stone ruin that none truly paid attention to yet this one was different or perhaps it became something different. Upon a dark and foggy night the ruins glowed a faint blue color and within was what looked like a portal of sorts, none dared venture in for some said it was the very portal of death awaiting the fools who step through, others said it was a promise land for those that believed in a great savior. Despite this none stepped inside, with that the portal soon enough stopped glowing and seemed to deactivate, but now many years later the light has once again reappeared glowing over the ruins and this time none spread rumors for only those that were brave enough to venture into it, what they found next..well none from their world could understand yet in ours we knew quite well what they have been thrown into. The time seemed advanced to them or maybe...far too old for them. For those that had stepped through entered a new world but at what cost and what more shall it cost them to return to their home in innerheart this is where a new frontier shall take place. Man'nen the Lost world. -Coming soon-

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Re: Preview for and update

Post by Shrade on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:08 am

Release date will be this weekend

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Re: Preview for and update

Post by Sponsored content

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