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Eternal Flame [Spell Set One]

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Eternal Flame [Spell Set One]

Post by Otaku on Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:31 am

Name of Power: Eternal Flame
Image of what it does: Allows Otaku to compose fire into different shapes and sizes. It also allows Otaku to use fire remotely, and gives him immunity to the element, himself.

  • Versatile- Can compose numerous forms of literally hot art freely.


  • Elements- Anything that opposes fire will demolish this power in a flash.
  • Limit- User can only compose two objects at a time

Name of Power: Eternal Flame- Reverse
Image of what it does: Reverses a distortion of reality, rebounds it towards the enemy, and allows the immediate move of an "Eternal Flame" technique

  • Redirects illusions and alterations of reality
  • Double threat allows for the immediate use of another spell

  • Cooldown: Cannot use another Eternal Flame technique after the usage of this technique for one post.
  • Quantity: Useless if the distortion of reality produces more than two illusions.

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