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Axium Zikari

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Axium Zikari Empty Axium Zikari

Post by Axium Zikari on Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:06 pm

Axium Zikari 132HnfZ
   Name:Axium "War" Zikari
   Age:800 (Looks 20)
   Gender: Male
   Sexual Orientation: Straight
   Race: Demon
   Family: Father: Zen Zikari/ Mother: Amelia Bael/Sister(older): Maria Zikari/ Sister(older): Lilith Zikari/ Brother(younger): Seto Zikari
   Background/History: Axium was born from two interesting lineages. One being that of a royal family, Bael, and a family of guards, Zikari. With both of these types of atmospheres, he has had a conflicting, but well taught life. From his mother's side, he has gained the knowledge of politics, and his powers. From his father, he learned the way of the sword and the want to protect the ones he sees dear. With that said, he was brought  up pretty normally for his predicament, and even managed to stay in touch with his family.

-During the War-
During the War, Axium was put on the front-lines, with his brother and father. He manage to work his way up the ranks, along with his family. Eventually, they managed to reach the point of being in a special forces squad for the remainder of the war. After the war ended, the squad was disbanded till the need would arise for them to return.
   Personality: Axium is a complete mystery to most, due to him not ever really showing real personality. He is usually calm and collective, with the composure that a usual military Demon would have.
   Mate/spouse/(boy/girl)friend/lover: none
Axium Zikari
Axium Zikari

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Axium Zikari Empty Re: Axium Zikari

Post by Quindaro on Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:12 pm


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