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Haku Takashi

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Haku Takashi Empty Haku Takashi

Post by Haku Takashi on Fri May 09, 2014 11:19 pm

Haku Takashi WzGZ2ol
   Name:Haku Takashi
   Age: 1000( appears to be 20)
   Sexual Orientation:Straight
   Race: Angel : Archangel
   Family: None
   Background/History: Haku lived a very strict and rigorous life. He was born, not knowing mother, father, brother, or sister. He lived in the Holy Land's Archangel Training grounds, where the children were taught, depending on their specialty, to fight, preach, convert, heal, and other things.
Haku, like a few special children, had a knack for many of the roles given in the academy. He quickly learned the ways and mastered a few techniques during the process.
As of now, centuries after his life in the facility, he now roams the land, an Archangel, spreading the word and smiting down both the evil and unholy as necessary.
   Personality: Haku is a very strict, uptight, and rule-centric person. He was bred to follow the rules and to carry out the Angelic Lord's bidding, when necessary. He never says no to a fight and will not back down. He does however have a very rare sweet-side to him.
1)Angels- Haku, beyond popular belief, is very kind and caring to his fellow brethren. He will take time out of his day to help them, if given the opportunity.
2)Demons- Haku has a unfathomable hatred for the Demonic and Hellenistic. He would kill one on site, regardless of the Angelic Lord's command. Though with that said, he has the self-restraint to not outright start a fight due to the peace treaty.
3)Vamps,Humans,Hybrids- He is uncaring to these races. If given the chance, he would preach to them the ways of the Heavens, or smite them for the unholy ways.
Haku Takashi
Haku Takashi

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Haku Takashi Empty Re: Haku Takashi

Post by Ember on Fri May 09, 2014 11:24 pm


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