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Post by Nikolai Forge on Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:57 pm

Name: Earth Magic
Description: Access to all basic forms of Earth Magic. For example, the user can set off a fissure under the opposition's feet, and they will fall in. This is meant to be used with Fire Magic to make Magma.
Strength: It is able to affect a 30 feet radius
Weakness: The user is only able to affect the ground, meaning he cannot rip a chunk of dirt out of the ground and toss it at the opposition.

Name: Magma Magic
Description: Access to all forms of Magma. For example, the user can combine a chunk of dirt from the ground(which he ripped out with his own hands, because Earth Magic prohibits any other way) and combine it with a fireball to make an extremely hot Magma liquid form, which he can use to target the opposition.
Strength: It can be used in a 50-feet radius. Not only that, it can be used even while in Demonic Knight Form.
Weakness: The user must have approved forms of Fire and Earth magic, otherwise access may be denied. Note that the user cannot use this with Demonic Fire Magic.
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