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Oru's powers

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Oru's powers Empty Oru's powers

Post by Oru on Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:45 am

Name of Power: Wolf Transform
Image of what it does: Oru can turn into his giant wolf form. He appears as a completely black wolf the size of a small house with eyes of the dark abyss. This change happens almost instantaneously as well as changing back.
Strengths: His strength is 10x more than the average wolf, his senses are also increased by 10. His skin become as tough as stone. He also runs as fast as a jet. Oru can be in this form for several hours, or 50 posts.
weaknesses: His guard isn't as kept and it's harder for him to attack a skilled target. When he's reached 50 posts he goes back into his human form and is weak, which he rarely does. He needs to wait 20 posts before turning again.

Name of Power: Huff N' Puff
Image of what it does: If you haven't already guess, he's based off of The Big Bad Wolf. So with this power, he can blow enemies away up to 100yrds with a small breath. A larger one and the person can be sent miles away.
Strengths: Can push an enemy away, crush them if they are against something hard enough to withstand the blast, and blow away solid concrete. He can also use this to be resourceful. When in his human form, he can use a smaller, less destructive version of this power which pushes a person back by several feet.
Weaknesses: Not as powerful when in human form. Needs 3 post cool down when in human form and 5 when in wolf form.

Name of Power: Stomp
Image of what it does: When in wolf form Oru can stomp a powerful paw and create a small earthquake. It will also crush an enemy into nothing but mush and shake a person around so much they suffer physical damage. He can also do this in human form, but it only shakes a person off balance.
Strengths: Cause destruction and damage. It last 1 post when he strikes. Since this doesn't require him to wast any of his power, he can use this as many times as his stamina with allow him.
Weaknesses: He's not very quick with this move -in wolf form but not in human form- and if he stomps on something sharp enough to go through his skin, he wont be able to use it again until he heals.

Name of Power: Laser Fingers (Human) and Breath (Wolf)
Image of what it does: As a wolf he will breath out a laser from his mouth from the air he breaths in. As a human, the lasers come out of his finger tips. The beams create a magnificent glow of dark light.
Strengths: The beams can be blinding and have a heat of 500 degrees. The power lasts for 3 posts as a human and 4 as a wolf. As a human, the charge only lasts for 1 post.
Weaknesses: As a wolf it will only last for as long as his breath does and takes a while to breath in and summon the power to do so. It will take two posts to complete the charge and he must wait 5 posts before using it again.  As a human, the beams can only spread as far as his fingers can and if he isn't careful, he could close his hands and hurt himself, though it wont do much to him.

Name of Power: Eyes of the Abyss
Image of what it does: Oru's eyes bore into the soul and mind of his victim or enemy and cause them to be stunned.
Strengths: It stuns the person for 2 posts, rendering them defenseless and vulnerable. The move can leave behind mental scars because when he does this, he shows them their personal hell.
Weaknesses: This move can give Oru a headache and he must wait 5 posts before doing it again. This will also leave a strain on his mental health from seeing what they see, though it wont have as much of an effect as it will on them.

Name of Power: Sonic Howl
Image of what it does: Oru howls and sends a sonic wave of noise throughout the area.
Strengths: Can, but not always, burst eardrums and also leaves a person deaf and partially stunned for 3 posts. He can also do this in his human form, but it will only cause a person to be deaf for 2 posts.
Weaknesses: He doesn't use this one often due to the fact that it makes him loose his voice for a few hours. He can only use it once a day. It's not as powerful in human form.

Name of Power: Wolf's Fang
Image of what it does: Oru in his human form can grow sharp fangs.
Strengths: He can rip through the skin and bone of his target. It can last for 5 posts.
Weaknesses: This will hurt his teeth and give him a headache. Must wait 6 posts before using this again.

Name of Power: Wolf's Claw
Image of what it does: Much like the Wolf's Fang, the Wolf's Claw is formed when Oru is in human form only.
Strengths: They are made from tough steel and last for 8 posts.
Weaknesses: This does not give him a headache, but he does have to go through the pain of digging fleshy chunks from underneath. He must wait 9 posts before using it again.

Name of Power: Moon's Calling
Image of what it does: As a wolf only, Oru can howl and summon 5 normal wolf shadows.
Strengths: The shadows are strong and all use Wolf's Fang and Wolf's Claw as their weapons. They last as long as they are not defeated.
Weaknesses: The wolves will disappear when beaten and he must wait 14 posts before doing it again. This power only works at night when the full moon is shining brightly.

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