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Zuriel the Snow elf.

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Zuriel the Snow elf. Empty Zuriel the Snow elf.

Post by Eliza on Sat Jul 12, 2014 1:17 pm

Zuriel the Snow elf. Image41
   Name: Zuriel
   Age: 12
   Gender: Male
   Sexual Orientation: Too young
   Race: Snow Elf
   Family: Dead
   Background/History: Zuriel was an only child to a family of wood elves. They traveled constantly, and Zuriel was born in the arctic. His parents were confused why their son had snow white hair and lavender eyes, while they had blonde hair and brown eyes. They soon left the snowy biome, and their son reacted badly. His temperature was always hot, and he cried. They soon went back to the chilly, frozen area. The issue was there wasn't enough food, but Zuriel loved it. His parents were always shivering, but Zuriel never seemed to get cold. This confused his parents immensely, but they still loved them. They survived there until a blizzard locked them into the small hut they had made when Zuriel was 7. His parents froze to death, and he cried for hours. After a day, he buried them in the snow, which parted upon his will. He took his mothers bow and arrows and hunted for food. He lived for a year, but then went south. He learned he could keep his body temperature down by willing it, which he soon didn't need to. His body adjusted to the warmer temperatures, and he spent his time hunting in the forests for food and learning about the towns. He is now a regular sight in the towns, but he still lives in the forest.
   Personality: Zuriel loves animals, but is very shy. He doesn't like to talk to people much, and when he does it's short and doesn't last long normally. He doesn't speak about himself, and still believes he is a wood elf, as his parents were. When it snows he seems very happy, making sculptures and houses out of it for little kids. Once you get past his wall of shyness, he is a very kind, caring soul. The cold never bothers him, and he is immune to ice magic. Fire magic hurts him more though. He loves playing with animals, and soon developed a way to talk to them. So don't be startled if he is kneeling near a cat or dog and speaking with them. He's not crazy!
   Mate/spouse/(boy/girl)friend/lover: None

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Zuriel the Snow elf. Empty Re: Zuriel the Snow elf.

Post by Shrade on Sat Jul 12, 2014 1:50 pm


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