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Nikolai's Photon Magic(WIP)

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Nikolai's Photon Magic(WIP) Empty Nikolai's Photon Magic(WIP)

Post by Nikolai Forge on Thu Jul 17, 2014 3:52 pm

1. Photon Generator Unit
Description: The user summons forth a generator, which looks like a Generac power distributor(look it up).
Strength: The generator can power up the user's Photon use by 20%.
Weakness: Only two Generator Units can be in use at the same time, and they can be destroyed easily. Requires Photon Gauntlets for use

2. Photon Field
Description: The user summons a force field, 5 ft. in diameter, which deflects Magical attacks for three posts.
Strength: Described in the description, but it deflects all magic attacks for three posts.
Weakness: 5 post cooldown, requires Photon Gauntlets for use

3. Photon Fist
Description: With one gesture of the user's gauntlet(given that it is in a fist), a wave of blue energy pulsates, and rushes toward the target.
Strength: If the power hits, the target will immediately be blown back 20 feet.
Weakness: Must be in a 10 foot range of the target in order to hit. It also requires Photon Gauntlets to use.

4. Photon Strike
Description: The user sends a huge, bomb-like structure of blue energy surging toward the target.
Strength: Detonates on impact
Weakness: Must have a 20 foot diameter or the user will be injured severely. It requires Photon Gauntlets for use.
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