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Alejandro the vampire

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Alejandro the vampire Empty Alejandro the vampire

Post by Eliza on Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:39 pm

Alejandro the vampire Image61
(Eyes are normally green)
   Name: Alejandro
   Age: 19
   Gender: Male
   Sexual Orientation: Straight
   Race: Vampire
   Family: Forgotten, except for Izzy
   Background/History: Alejandro was born to normal vampire family with a younger sister that soon came along. He traveled with his family as most do, but only his little sister Isabelle got to see his soft side. He loved her with all of his heart, caring for her and watching over her. He didn't care much for his parents, despite their utter love for their children. He would often play with and protect Izzy from the world, hiding her away. However, this didn't work out in the end. Hunters found the little girl playing with her brother, who left to grab something for them to eat. They came and killed her on the spot, a sight that nearly killed Alejandro when he returned. Not knowing what killed her, he wept for hours besides her body. His tough, cruel shell thickened and became harder during this time. He took her body and gave it to his parents, then left at the age of 17. Izzy was only 11. He know wanders, searching for her killers.
   Personality: Alejandro is very laid back. He thinks very highly of himself. He has a very large ego. He hardly backs down from any challenge. When he is not being lazy, he likes to make trouble. He is quite cocky, and very sure of himself. He won't always fight, such as if he knows he won't win. Underneath these mean shell, there is a soft side that cares for others. It's because of these side he won't kill anyone unless nessasary.

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Alejandro the vampire Empty Re: Alejandro the vampire

Post by Mayumi Serenity on Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:02 pm

o-o Approved.

Name-Age-Race-Text Color

Mayumi Serenity-15-Elf-Green

Chouko Katsumi-15-Human-Purple
Tomoko Kou-13-Hybrid-Purplish-Blue
Maki Tamiko-15-Angel-Gold
Rei Haruka-Unkown-Demon-dark Purple
Ayama Hikaru-Unknown-Vampire-Dark Red
Yui and Yuki-15,11-Hybrids-green-yellow
Miyuki-17-Human-dark peach?
Hoshimi Yozora-Unknown-Human-Bluish
Etsuko Haruki-7/12-Neko-hybrid-Warm Orange
Pheonia-Unknown-Phoenix hybrid-Icy Purple
Rini-9-Bunny Hybrid-Redish Pink
Akane-Unknown-Fallen Angel-Black-red
Atsuko-15-Neko-Hybrid-Slightly Light Blue
Mayumi Serenity
Mayumi Serenity

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