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Katsu and Kimis powers

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Katsu and Kimis powers Empty Katsu and Kimis powers

Post by Chaos on Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:11 pm

Katsu only**

Name: Photon Ray
What it does: A kamehaneha-like beam of blue energy from his palm
Strengths: High damage for amount of mana it uses, and goes at moderate speeds uses 5% damage
Weaknesses: doesnt do major damage, a single beam is easy to dodge, and only goes fast enough to pretty much asure a hit (unless you jump side to side etc) on a vampire or below speed

Name: Twin Static Balls
What it does: From both hands summons a ball of electricity and throws it at opponent from different directions
Strengths: Attacking from two directions is hard to dodge, and has a 20% chance of paralization for two full turns
Weaknesses: Doesnt do that much damage, and for stun to work (if it works) both balls must hit.

Name: Static Touch
What it does: Grabs enemy by (enter name of body part here, mainly neck or arm tho) and sends jolts of electricity through them
Strengths: Powerful, uses only ten percent energy
Weaknesses: Must be in contact for it to work, and is easily avoided by not touching Katsu

Name: Static Mode
What it does: Surrounds himself in electricity to add electricity to all his attacks
Strengths: Adds small ability of stun with each physiscal hit, adds power to each attack (physical or magical)
Weaknesses: ADDS NO SPEED TO ME (that one goes put to Kurei if your still here) stun only lasts one turn, uses 10%mana for each turn held

Name: Static Recharge
What it does: Completely Recharges Katsu and Kimis energy
Strengths: Recharges energy
Weaknessea: Must be in static mode to do, must be physically touching to recharge kimi, can only be used once a topic, has a charge up of five posts after beginning of fight to use

Name: Photon Rain
What it does: Many missile-like energy blasts shower the enemy
Strengths: High range means hard to dodge, range of 100 yards
Weaknesses: Uses a 15%mana, each individual missile thing does little damage

(Most dont use mana and are just specified combos)

Name: Photon Cannon
What it does: Weaker version of Photon Ray
Strengths: Same as Ray
Weaknesses: Same as ray, also does less damage

Name: Photon Disk
What it does: Sends a disk of pure energy toward the opponent
Strengths: Very high speed
Weakness: Does little damage, and doesnt cut.

Name: Sadistic Form
What it does: Channels all energy to bring all stats up to that of a demon.
Strengths: Boosts speed and power and awareness for 5 of my posts allows for higher power combos
Weaknesses: Burns mana by 10% for each post held in this form, can only go into this once a topic, becomes more ruthless as she progresses, possibly lashing out at anyone, ally or not

Name: Sadistic Pleasure Combo
What it does: Two attacks to the face, sweep the feet, grab leg and swing to the ground. A simple kick while enemy is down and a Photon Cannon to the back
Strengths: Higher damage when in Sadistic Mode, and (even originaly) high speed, once combo starts and is hit opponent cannot escape it
Weaknesses: Physical attack, so may not kill, Cannon wastes 10%mana. Must hit opponent with first attack to start combo.

Name: Full On Assault
What it does: Three Hard Kicks to the face and jumps back and fires two disks
Strengths: High power, More power and speed with Sadistic mode, Unlike pleasure combo does not need to hit first attack to start combo
Weaknesses: Originally SO SLOW! Unlike pleasure combo enemy can escape combo while in the middle of it

Name: Sadistic Barrage
What it does: Barrage of attacks all over the enemy
Strengths: High Speed and Power
Weaknesses: Easily countered, and must be in sadistic mode to use at full effect


Name: power of flight
What it does: Gives them flight without wings
Strengths: More versatile combat
Weaknesses: Drains 5%mana for Katsu each post held and 10%for Kimi

Name: Non-Stop Violence (led by Katsu)
What it does: Fires the twin static balls then Kimi punches enemy to the air, Katsu fires a photon ray then kicks enemy back to ground. Kimi flies up to Katsu and fires a Cannon and Katsu uses Rain
Strengths: Highest Power move of them all, even more powerful when Kimi in sadistic mode once started cannot be countered
Weakness: Much like Both combos, Must strike first to complete, and is SO SLOW, uses 20%mana for katsu and 30% for kimi, and Katsu must be in air and Kimi must be on ground when it starts

Name: Sadistic Dance (led by Kimi)
What it does: Kimi and Katsu fly/dash at enemy at highest possible speed for them both and send a blur of strikes all over the enemy, then kimi kicks him/her away and they both shoot The Cannon and Ray at enemy
Strengths: Once started cant be countered, highest speed of them all, does higher damage when kimi is in sadistic mode both can be in air or ground
Weaknesses: Both must be together in same area (air or ground), each strike (much like rain) does little damage but together does devastating damage, uses 20%mana for Katsu and 25% for Kimi, must be late in the fight to use, minimum 10th of my post, Kimi takes a breather for two posts after and cannot fight, and katsu cannot use any magic after for a full turn.

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Katsu and Kimis powers Empty Re: Katsu and Kimis powers

Post by Shrade on Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:02 pm

Approved i guess, we'll see how things playout.

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