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Harukos Spells

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Harukos Spells Empty Harukos Spells

Post by Chaos on Thu Jul 24, 2014 7:16 pm

Name: Crystal Barrier
What it does: Blue pane appears to block attacks from different sides.
Strengths: Can be used at multiple areas to block attacks, at full power an entire diamond around her. Barrier is completely indestructible to physical attacks.
Weaknesses: Not indestructible to magical attacks, for each pane it costs 5% mana for each post i hold it (which if you do the math takes a lot of energy)

Name: Infinity Burst
What it does: Series of explosions on a general area with a blast radius of 50 feet
Strengths: Anyone caught in the blast is harmed, uses only 10% mana
Weaknesses: Blast can not be any farther than 200 meters away from Haruko, does not do a lot of harm

Name:Recovery Spell 1
What it does: Heals anyone
Strength: Can heal anyone, not just me. Gets stronger as she uses it, doing at max reattaching an arm or leg.
Weakness: If healing another person uses more magic per post. Depending on how hurt you are from a scale of one to ten that is how many posts it will take to do. Uses 10% mana per post if healing myself and 15% mana if healing other person.

Name: Recovery Spell 2
What it does: Recovers my mana
Strengths: Completely regenerates mana
Weaknesses: Can only be used once, takes two posts to do, or one full turn. After i recover all spells take 5% more mana to use

Name: Flash
What it does: A light so bright it temporarily blinds the opponent
Strengths: Blinds Opponent temporarily
Weaknesses: Uses 15% mana, and blond only lasts 2 posts, or 1 turn

Name: Ancient Flame
What it does: Pyromancy (fire control, can make fires, throw fireballs etc)
Strength: Adds versatility to battle, and gives resistance to fire based attacks
Weaknesses: Only fireballs effect people, using this power costs 5% mana for what i use it for, and cannot just go randomly burning things, the object must actually be flammable.

Name: Sun's Love
What it does: Takes Solar Power to boost the effectiveness of my spells
Strengths: Mana cost is decreased by 5% for each spell, and effectiveness is boosted by 25%
Weaknesses: sun must be out  for this to work, and must be completely in sunlight, must be in battle for at least 8 turns until this ability goes in effect

Name: Reflection
What it does: A pane of glass appears to protect me from one projectile and bounces it back
Strengths: Protects me from an attack, and sends an attack right back at the opponent
Weaknesses: Only protects from projectile attacks, and nothing else, and has a cool-down duration of 3 posts. Uses 10% mana.

Name: Lightning
What it does: Lightning strikes in a designated area
Strengths: Very Powerful and Fast
Weaknesses: Must wait 3 posts before using the first time and 2 posts in between each   Uses 15% mana each time

Name: Gaia's Power
What it does: Uses rock manipulation to throw rocks of different sizes at opponent
Strengths: Depending on size may be either really powerful or really weak.
Weaknesses: Depending on size may also use a whole lot or little of mana. Rocks aren't thrown with fast speed, more of a moderate speed.

Name: Gargantual Punishment
What it does: Summons three lightning bolts and throws two fireballs at the opponent, afterward sends a gigantic rock at the opponent
Strengths: Very powerful, doing most damage of all of her spells, negates the cooldown, doing all attacks in rapid succession
Weaknesses: Does as much damage as each individual attack, the fireballs do as much damage as fireballs lightning as lightning etcetera. Uses 50% mana total.

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Harukos Spells Empty Re: Harukos Spells

Post by Shrade on Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:47 pm


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