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Aero's Power Set

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Aero's Power Set Empty Aero's Power Set

Post by Aero Xross on Sat Aug 02, 2014 11:00 pm

Name of Power: Friendly Face
Image of what it does: Aero is able to close his eyes and scream the name of an Animal and it appears in front of him
Strengths: Allows Aero a helping hand to do what he needs
weaknesses: The bigger the animal. The Longer it takes to summon. Ex: Mouse 1 Post. Elephant 4 Posts.

Name of Power: Doppleganger
Image of what it does: Aero can take the form of any member of the site he has seen before.
Strengths: Allows Aero to take form of anyone he has met before.
weaknesses: Only allows this for 5 posts. After that he is transformed back into himself and can't use it again for 3 posts.

Name of Power: Scout's Honor
Image of what it does: Aero can tell anyone anything he wants and they will believe him
Strengths: This power allows Aero to bold face lie to anyone's face and they are forced to believe him no matter what it is. This can be used on not just one person but crowds
weaknesses: Once casted Aero cant use it again for 4 posts.

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