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Asa's Current powers

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Asa's Current powers Empty Asa's Current powers

Post by Yumiko Misora on Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:50 am

Note- Asa's powers are not magic but simply data programs, and therefore cannot be negated or suppressed. She is the only one with this type of ability.

Name of Power: Heal
Image of what it does: A spell that Asa's casts in order to heal a person.
Strengths: Heals a person of fatal and minor injuries, can also restore blood after a period of time
weaknesses: Takes 3 posts to heal and 6 posts to restore blood, the character healed has to wait a post before being able to move. Asa has to be at least 2 feet near the person in order to use this healing spell

Name of Power: Defense Barrier
Image of what it does: A durable barrier used to buy time in order to let Asa heal someone.
Strengths: Strong, durable, can't break easily.
weaknesses: Lasts for 7 of her posts with an 8 post cooldown, or until she takes the barrier down

Name of Power: Monochrome Android Wings
Image of what it does: A pair of gray-blur metallic glittering wings appear hovering 3 inches away on Asa's back where the insignia of a medical box with wings are on her back. These are used to fly to a fight in order to save someone or intervene with something that might cause absolute death.
Strengths: The wings are fast and can increase speed, in order to get where she needs to go faster.
weaknesses: They can't be used to attack in combat only to dodge or defend, and upon landing in the attack zone, the wings only lasts up to 3 of her posts before they disappear, until another fight breaks out in a far away area.

Name of Power: Combat Syringe/Defense Syringe
Image of what it does: A syringe that Asa can summon in order for her to block a lethal attack or an attack in order to help an injured person.
Strengths: Can be used to block a lethal attack.
weaknesses: Only lasts for that one moment, and can only be used to protect injured people.

Name of Power: Medical Sensor
Image of what it does: A built in sensor that Asa has in order to sense where a fight is happening and where the injured person is.
Strengths: Can be used to sense fights and those who are in need of medical attention
weaknesses: Doesn't do anything else besides finding injured people to help them.
Yumiko Misora
Yumiko Misora

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Asa's Current powers Empty Re: Asa's Current powers

Post by Mayumi Serenity on Thu Aug 07, 2014 4:05 am

o-o no offensive abilities, so i supportive character? o-o Eh approved.

Name-Age-Race-Text Color

Mayumi Serenity-15-Elf-Green

Chouko Katsumi-15-Human-Purple
Tomoko Kou-13-Hybrid-Purplish-Blue
Maki Tamiko-15-Angel-Gold
Rei Haruka-Unkown-Demon-dark Purple
Ayama Hikaru-Unknown-Vampire-Dark Red
Yui and Yuki-15,11-Hybrids-green-yellow
Miyuki-17-Human-dark peach?
Hoshimi Yozora-Unknown-Human-Bluish
Etsuko Haruki-7/12-Neko-hybrid-Warm Orange
Pheonia-Unknown-Phoenix hybrid-Icy Purple
Rini-9-Bunny Hybrid-Redish Pink
Akane-Unknown-Fallen Angel-Black-red
Atsuko-15-Neko-Hybrid-Slightly Light Blue
Mayumi Serenity
Mayumi Serenity

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