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Kosovo Misogi

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Kosovo Misogi  Empty Kosovo Misogi

Post by Kosovo Misogi on Sat May 31, 2014 12:14 am

Kosovo Misogi  LCki8fl
   Name:Kosovo Misogi [Project Name: WAR-00001]
   Gender: Male
   Sexual Orientation: Straight
   Race: Human (Believed to be)
   Family: Unknown
   Background/History: As I awoke, I stood there covered in blood and without clothing. I was standing it what seemed to be a Laboratory surround by dead bodies of what looked to be scientist. "Did I do this? Where am I? Who am I?" I started to look around the room after gaining back consciousness, trying to figure out who I was and where I was. As I was stumbling around, I managed to walk over to a panel, bloodied and somewhat cracked. As I looked to see what it said, all I could see was the phrase "Container 1-Breached: Subject Kosovo Misogi". "Am I this person? Am I this Kosovo?" I sigh and continue looking around, putting on the only things I can find, being a lab uniformed, and try to find a way out of the lab. As I managed to find a exit, I could hear scurrying outside the door. I could hear screaming and phrases saying "Get out of here now, its free." and "Don't let it through, but don't let it enrage either". I, not knowing what do do, just stood there at the door waiting, waiting for some kind of concrete evidence could tell me something. As I stood there, the last thing I remembered hearing was "Clear" as the door blew off its hinges, knocking me back and "out".
As I awoke again,I was now at what seemed to be a gate outside. I looked behind myself in fear. As I turned around, I saw what I feared would be. What laid there in a stretch of roads, buildings, and pathways, were dead, dismembered bodies consisting of both scientist and a PMC. I had also noticed a piece of paper in the coat, that I had picked up earlier. I took it out and read it, and the contents both sadden and relieved me. I put the paper back in the pocket, and started walking away from the complex, off to start a new journey.
That was 5 years ago, the day that will haunt me forever. I now occupy a nice little apartment in the Human's one town, where I take on menial tasks and jobs to help pay for rent. Its where I now call home, and consider to be MY home.
   Personality: Kosovo doesn't really have a personality. He just acts off of instinct and what he think would fit where in the current situation.
Kosovo Misogi
Kosovo Misogi

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Kosovo Misogi  Empty Re: Kosovo Misogi

Post by Ember on Sun Jun 01, 2014 7:15 pm


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