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Ember's character

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Ember's character Empty Ember's character

Post by Ember on Wed May 07, 2014 4:02 am

Ember's character 5WCdhhA
   Name: Goes by the name Ember but his real name is Alex
   Race: Vampire
   Age: 700 but look 21
   Gender: Male
   Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
   Family: Dead centuries ago
   Background/History: At a young age Ember lived with his family and lived peacefully away form the Angel's presence and was happy. He spent boring-ish years in the house in the woods. One day when he was 21 he went wandering through the forest and stumbled upon a mansion, as curious of it as he was, he stepped into it and found that a vampire lived in there. The vampire took a liking to him and turn him into one. The vampire let him go back to his home and found it destroyed by angels. He though to himself lucky that he left although he couldn't say the same for his family who were dead in the rubble. He never went back to the mansion, Never staying in one place to long as he lived out his life for the next 700 years.
   Personality: He is a friendly but quiet person. He will not approach anyone unless he is buying something or what not. Enjoys watching people when alone as he finds it interesting to see how much people change.
   Mate/spouse/(boy/girl)friend/lover: None currently

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