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List of Tom Bluemann's Powers (list of approved)

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List of Tom Bluemann's Powers (list of approved)

Post by Tom Bluemann on Wed Jul 09, 2014 7:41 pm

I'm making this since I'm making so many powers for my character, and it can be hard keeping track of all the sets of 2 or 3 that are scattered across the approved section. This is only gonna be a list of the approved powers. Any powers of mine that haven't been approved yet will have a question mark (?) next to them, and ones that I have updated will have a [UPDATED] next to them. If it helps, I will also state WHY I updated them for the convenience of Ember, Shrade, Zinres, and other mods/admins, but I will ask for them in return to not lock this topic so I can place more approved powers in here when needed.

Name of Power: Life Energy Manipulation [UPDATED]
Image of what it does: Basically, Tom concentrates his life energy into a light-blue aura in which he can use to increase the power of any particular movement, or simply fire it Dragon Ball Z style.
Strengths: This force is very strong, due to Tom's strong life force.
weaknesses: Too much usage can cause Tom fatigue and if he pushes himself too far it can kill him. The rate at which this becomes more apparent increases with the more life energy he outputs in a short span of time without recovering. This rate of fatigue has dropped by 20% since his first appearance.
Reason for Update: He has gotten more powerful, thus more used to firing slightly more amounts of life energy at one time.

Name of Power: Wind/Air Magic [UPDATED]
Image of what it does: Kind of self-explanatory, but just in case, he is able to form/control/manipulate strong gusts of wind.
Strengths: Air is all around him, so Tom can use this magic at almost any given time.
weaknesses: Tom's expertise with this magic is limited, and he can be overwhelmed by someone who wields more power Wind/Air Magic, making him unable to manipulate it. Tom's expertise in this magic, however, has improved by 30% since his first appearance.
Reason for Update: He has gotten more powerful using this magic, having learned so much in that field.

Name of Power: Life Force Drain
Image of what it does: When Tom makes contact with someone he can drain their life energy, adding to his own.
Strengths: He own life force becomes stronger, thus making his attacks more powerful depending on how much he's absorbed.
Weaknesses: It is easy to break free of his grasp unless he's worn down his opponent first.

Name of Power: Life Force Bomb
Image of what it does: Tom creates a massive ball of life energy in which creates a massive explosion.
Strength: The more life energy he puts into the attack increases it's destructive force exponentially.
Weakness: He in vulnerable when charging up this attack

Name of Power: Life Force Restrict
What it does: With this ability he is able to place his opponents in a restricting force field by tampering with their life energy. He must first have made contact with his own life energy in order to do this on a person (Wither it be by Physical/Mental contact or by hitting them with one of his life force attacks)
Strengths: It restricts them temporarily (2-5 posts)
Weaknesses: Tom must be standing still (in other words, he can't go in for a cheap shot) and have full focus or else the strength of this ability is severely weakened to the point where it gives the target can escape it's grasp with ease. Not only that, but the stronger the person's life force, the harder it is for Tom to use this ability. Tom can also be overcome by someone with with a great deal of physical power.

Name of Power: Life Force Booster
What it does: Temporally doubles Tom's speed and power
Strengths: Added on to his constantly increasing speed and power, it can result in some deadly attacks
Weaknesses: It only lasts a few seconds, and repeated use over a short span of time leaves Tom exhausted for at least 2 posts

Name of Power: Life Force Booster x2
What it does: Temporally quadruples Tom's speed and power
Strengths: Even more devastating then the first version
Weaknesses: lasts for a few seconds, 2 posts added to the exhaustion time after repeated use over a short span of time. Uses up energy faster then first version

Name of Power: Life Flux
What it does: Tom channels his life energy in order to heal himself faster
Strengths: By doing this he can continue to fight, getting the opportunity to outlast his opponents in endurance
Weaknesses: The more serious the injuries, the longer it takes for this ability to have much effect (1 minimum - 7 maximum)

Name of Power: Life Flux Transfer
What it does: Tom channels his and another person's life energy to help them heal
Strengths: He can help allies heal so they can keep fighting.
Weaknesses: Tom risks injuring them even more by doing this. In addition, the more serious the injuries, the longer it takes for the ability to have much effect (1 minimum - 7 maximum). Not only that, but it drains his own life energy to do this.

Name of Power: Wind cannon
What it does: A powerful gust of wind focused into a smaller radius
Strengths: Knocks opponents off their feet and makes flying more difficult for his opponent. Can also be used to propel Tom in any direction giving him access to air combat.
Weaknesses: Really doesn't do that much damage on it's own.

Name of Power: Wind Blade
What it does: Tom creates a sonic boom in which his wind magic forms into a flying blade
Strengths: Travels at the speed of sound and can cut through giant boulders(and later on, mountains)
Weaknesses: It takes time and exertion of quite a bit of energy to do this, plus he can only fire 1 every 5 posts

Name of Power: Life Force-field (I'm bad at wordplay .-.)
What it does: Tom draws the life force from both himself and the stuff around him to create a barrier surrounding himself completely
Strengths: This barrier lasts for 1 post longer for every person in the topic at the time he activates this ability(it guaranteed to protect him for at least 2 posts). He can also draw this power from his opponent, slightly weakening them in the process.
Weaknesses: He cannot attack until after the barrier goes down. Also, unless he activates this move while in the air, he cannot move while using this ability(the same applies if his lands on the ground after activating it in the air)

Name of Power: Wind Barrier
What it does: Tom pressurizes in in front of him to block physical attack and counteract other magical attacks. It lasts from 2-4 posts per use with 5 post cooldown.
Strengths: All physical attacks are blocked, most energy attacks are deflected, and he can can counter most magical attacks.
Weaknesses: Energy attacks are almost guaranteed to get through it if Tom can't deflect it. And he can't use this ability to counteract magic attacks that almost always devastate a landscape (in other words, really strong fire attacks are the best way to go if it's your only offense)

Name of Power: Life Link
What it does: It is an ability Tom can use along with one other person to strengthen them both by 15-20%
Strengths: It gives him and an ally a power boost for 4 posts (2 by each involved)
Weaknesses: Both sides must be willing to do it. Tom also cannot do this if the difference in strength between him and a person is too massive. Both sides must also say the words "Life Link" in order to activate the ability.

Name of Power: Flaming Wind Cannon
What it does: A blast of wind at a focused point that can propel Tom, knock enemies back, making flying more difficult and burns anything that get caught in the small vortexes.
Strengths: Very powerful since it combines 2 elements of magic
Weaknesses: Can give him burns if he uses it to fly around, not to mention used up considerably more energy then the normal Wind Cannon

Name of Power: Burning Life Energy Manipulation
What it does: While concentrating life energy, Tom can transform a small portion of it into fire magic, giving him more fiery versions of these life energy abilities
    Life Force Bomb
    Life Force Restrict
Along with generic punches, and kicks
Strengths: More powerful and leave a burn on an opponent if they make contact
Weaknesses; More energy is required, so Tom is worn down a little quicker

Name of Power: Fire Ball
What it does: Self explanatory, he does a punching motion in order to blast fire balls
Strengths: He can fire up to 3 at one time. Otherwise, it is semi-rapid-fire. It also burns on contact
Weaknesses: Naturally, this can be stopped by conventional ways of putting out a fire. Tom must also be able to make a punching motion in order to use this ability. Gets weaker by 15% every 3 posts of continuous firing without a pause of at least 3 posts

Name of Power: Flame Thrower
What it does: Self explanatory, he shoots a continuous stream of flames for 3 posts before a 4 post cooldown.
Strengths: Can reach up to 30 feet. It also burns on contact
Weaknesses: Naturally, this can be stopped by conventional ways of putting out a fire, (though it is somewhat difficult to put out due to the nature of the move).

Name of Power: Soul Stare(?)
What it does: Tom focuses on the energy within someone's soul to hear what their thinking and feels what their feeling
Strengths: He can find out what someone is thinking
Weaknesses: Unusable in combat
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