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Lucius the Drakonia

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Lucius the Drakonia Empty Lucius the Drakonia

Post by Eliza on Tue Jul 01, 2014 10:28 pm

Human form
Lucius the Drakonia Image27
   Dragon form
Lucius the Drakonia Image28
   Name: Lucius
   Age: Human years: 15
   Gender: Male
   Sexual Orientation: Straight
   Race: Ice Drakonia
   Family: He doesn't know
   Background/History: Lucius was born as the only boy among many sisters. He hated them all. It didn't help he was the youngest too. They constantly picked on him, pulling his tail or hair or wings when he walked by. They would pinch his cheeks and ruffle his hair. His parents simply looked on lovingly, not seeing how broken their son was becoming. Slowly Lucius became more and more psychotic. However he was smart and hid his craziness well. He had always been a little off since he had been born, but his sisters sped up the process. But he acted like a normal child, knowing not very many others thought the way he did. One night he slipped out of the cave they lived in and flew away, determined to never show his parents what a psychopath he was. He talked to himself all of the time, and he had a fascination with blood. Sometimes he would pretend to scratch himself or his sisters on accident just to see it. The prey he or someone else caught always thrilled him. He would sometimes stare into the animals lifeless eyes, wondering what it's last thoughts were. A small part of him still cared about his family though, so he left before he hurt them.
   Personality: Lucius is psychotic and a bit crazy, but when he is hiding it he is silent and polite, not really caring about much. He's very passive and often has a blank face. But when he is in his psychotic state, he tries to get thing to bleed so he can look at the blood, then kills them to look into their lifeless eyes. He giggles a lot, and his tail thrashes around. Sometimes he will sing creepy songs too. He can often be seen watching people or animals in his normal state. But you never know when he might snap.
   Mate/spouse/(boy/girl)friend/lover: No

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Lucius the Drakonia Empty Re: Lucius the Drakonia

Post by Shrade on Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:56 am


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