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Alicyns powers (Finished)

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Alicyns powers (Finished) Empty Alicyns powers (Finished)

Post by Eliza on Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:37 pm

Name of Power: Brutality
Image of what it does: Alicyn cuts herself on one of her swords, and the sword gain 2x damage vs all races (During channeling her eyes turn black and she stays completely still)
Strengths: 2x damage, lasts the whole fight
Weaknesses: Only can be used on one sword during a fight, Alicyn must channel energy for a post before cutting herself, uses 15% of energy.

Name of Power: Warriors defense
Image of what it does: Alicyn crosses her swords, yelling warriors defense. Her swords become unbreakable and act as a shield
Strengths: Blocks one attack
weaknesses: Alicyn can't move, she can only pivot on her heels, costs 5% of energy, cool down of 3 posts

Name of Power: Fire slash
Image of what it does: Alicyn slashing the air with both swords, sending a line of fire in the direction she slashed. The blades are not set on fire, they simply send out a single vertical line of fire energy.
Strengths: Hurts and sets fire to angels, vampires, demons, elves, or objects.
weaknesses: Doesn't effect humans or Drakonian, cant set fire to things unable to be set fire to, it's not that magical. It is stopped by whatever it hits, it doesn't go through them, cool down of 6 posts, uses 5% of energy. Goes out about 100 feet before dissipating,

Name of Power: Flame skin
Image of what it does: Alicyns skin is set on fire, but it doesn't hurt her.
Strengths: Melee attacks hurt the attacker for 1/2 of damage dealt, can be used as an intimidater, lasts 4 posts
weaknesses: Alicyn can not use Fire Blade, or it will explode in her hand, uses 10% of energy, magic attacks gain 10% more damage against her, doesn't cause damage against humans, cool down 8 posts

Name of Power: Boomarang sword
Image of what it does: Alicyn slides a hand over one sword on its flat side, then throws it to do damage. After it misses or hits, it returns to Alicyn.
Strengths: Does damage, if it's her Angel slasher it will auto aim for angel wings. Does not mean it tracks the angel, it simply aims for the wings instead of the chest or leg. Fire blade still applies fire to angel.
weaknesses: If the blade hits it has to be removed before it returns to Alicyn, uses 10% of energy, cool down of 3 posts. If it's picked up it will pull towards Alicyn with a lot of force.

Name of Power: Quick Strike
Image of what it does: Alicyn whispers quick strike over her swords
Strengths: Alicyns attacks gain 35% more speed, making them harder to dodge,
Weaknesses: Alicyns attacks do 15% less damage, 25% less vs elves and Drakonia, uses 5% of energy, lasts 2 posts, cool down 4 posts, melee attacks only

Name of Power: Titanium armor
Image of what it does: Alicyn hit her armor with a fist while whispering titanium armor
Strengths: If the attackers target anywhere there is armor on Alicyn, their blow bounce off
weaknesses: If they target where there is skin, it's an increased chance of hitting, uses 10% of energy, lasts 3 posts, cool down 7 posts

Name of Power: Great Fire Boom
Image of what it does: Alicyn yells Great Fire Boom, her next attack that hits an angel, demon, Drakonian, vampire, or elf creates a huge explosion from the tip of Fire Blade. Alicyn must channel for 2 posts before she can strike.
Strengths: Causes lots of damage to the races stated above, Alicyn is protected from the damage
weaknesses: Can not be used while quick strike is in use, has to be the attack she yells it during that hits or there is no explosion, uses 30% of energy, cool down of 8 posts

(If Alicyn runs out of energy she will pass out for five posts)
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Alicyns powers (Finished) Empty Re: Alicyns powers (Finished)

Post by Shrade on Sat Jul 05, 2014 4:41 pm


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