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Eliza's new gene (wip)

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Eliza's new gene (wip) Empty Eliza's new gene (wip)

Post by Eliza on Mon Aug 04, 2014 2:41 pm

Name of Power: Blood mode
Image of what it does: Eliza goes into blood mode. Her hair turns blood red, her eyes are red, her nails grow sharper, and she gains access to a few new powers. Power seems to radiate off her. She becomes a bit faster and stronger.
Strengths: She gets access to new powers, and gains 20% more speed and strength, 50% resist to holy and demonic magic.
weaknesses: Eliza can't activate it on her own, it only comes with extreme emotion. She only knows one enemy, and one ally. Everyone else is neutral. She can't come out of this mode until the enemy is dead or yields, or runs out of blood. Blood mode uses up her own blood. She will have to feed afterwards, or die within an hour.

Name of Power: Blood wings (Blood mode only)
Image of what it does: Eliza grows wings of blood, allowing flight. They look like red demonic wings.
Strengths: She can fly
weaknesses: Eliza can only have these for 4 posts, uses 5% of her blood, Cooldown of 3 posts after the wings dissipate.

Name of Power: Crimson wind (Blood mode only)
Image of what it does: Eliza controls the wind, which is infused with acidic blood. Doesn't harm her or her ally. The blood can dissolve hair and feathers.
Strengths: Causes damage, can fight others wind control.
weaknesses: Can only control for 3 posts, uses 5% of her blood, cooldown of 3 posts after she stops controlling it, she can't start using any other spells while crimson wind is in use, her movements are slower while using it.

Name of Power: Red
Image of what it does:

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